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Hi there! Welcome to our little slice of the internet, where we talk about all things K-dramas. Our names are Dana and Danielle and to say we are obsessed with dramas would be an understatement. We consume dramas every chance we get and we’re here to share our passion for dramas with you, giving you our opinions on the dramas we’ve seen, as well as some helpful lists so you can discover your next favorite. So whether you’re K-drama obsessed like us or are new to the drama world, we hope to share our love with you!

To get a taste of what types of dramas we’re interested in, here is a list of our top 5 favorite shows. 

Dana’s Top 5 Favorite Dramas (so far)

  1. Healer
  2. Fight for my Way
  3. My Love From a Star
  4. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim
  5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soo

Danielle’s Top 5 Favorite Dramas (so far)

  1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soo
  2. Suspicious Partner 
  3. Just Between Lovers
  4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim 
  5. Crash Landing on You

We’d love to hear from you about your favorites! Feel free to send us a message on social media and let’s talk! 

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