Best Mistake Review

Star Rating Total: 3 Plot: 3 Romance: 4 Character Development: 4 Summary When Kim Yeon Do recently moved to a new school, she hoped the boy who liked her from her last school would finally leave her alone. However, that doesn’t prove to be the case. So, at the urging of her best friend, she…

Suspicious Partner Review

Star Rating Overall: 5 Romance: 5 Humor: 5 SUMMARY Noh Ji-Wook is an up-and-coming prosecutor, doing everything right to set himself up for a successful career. Eun Bong-Hee is his hard working trainee until one day she is accused of murdering her ex-boyfried. Noh Ji-Wook gives up his career and starts a private law firm…

9 Spooky K-Dramas for Halloween

Now that we’re truly into fall, we’re starting to get into the holiday season. While maybe not officially a holiday in Korea, Halloween is the first one I look forward to. It is also one of the most underrated holidays, a time where it is ok to dress up and play pretend—something most of us…

What K-drama Should I Watch Next – Nov 2021

Ahhhhh the toughest question to answer—what K-drama to watch next? If you’re anything like us, finding the answer to this question can sometimes take hours or even days. We spend so much time looking for and feeling out our next drama choice that we could be halfway done with one if we just hurried up…

Sell Your Haunted House Review

A haunting, gripping K-drama perfect to watch before Halloween follows a medium and a fraud as they try to exorcise ghosts and uncover a mystery of corruption and murder.

Hotel del Luna Review

One woman’s journey to lay her past demons to rest as she runs a hotel for ghosts in this beautiful, romantic K-drama starring IU and Yeo Jin Goo.

You Are My Spring

Star Rating Overall: 3.5 Plot: 4 Romance: 5 Summary After Kang Da-yeong’s traumatic uprbringing, she struggles to find love and is constantly attracted to “scum.” Her current love interest, Choi Jeong-min, seems like a nice guy until he unexpectedly commits suicide. The note he leaves behind confesses to three murders. Ju Young-do, the psychiatrist who…


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