Best Mistake Review

Star Rating

Total: 3

Plot: 3

Romance: 4

Character Development: 4


When Kim Yeon Do recently moved to a new school, she hoped the boy who liked her from her last school would finally leave her alone. However, that doesn’t prove to be the case. So, at the urging of her best friend, she decides to post a picture of a random guy on her social media to pretend that she has a new boyfriend.

Kim Yeon Do didn’t realize that the boy she chose to post a picture of was Ji Hyun Ho, her school’s resident bad boy. When Ji Hyun Ho confronts her at school the next day, Kim Yeon Do is mortified and promises to make up for it. This gives them the opportunity to get closer and learn more about each other. Best Mistake was so popular that they made a Best Mistake 2 and announced that they are making a Best Mistake 3.

Secondary Characters

Yoon Jun Won – The brilliant school president who works hard and is friends with everyone. He dreams of opening up his own tattoo shop when he graduates

Park E Hyun – The jealous classmate who has a crush on Ji Hyun Ho


Web dramas are usually on the short side, but I genuinely thought it wouldn’t be very good when I saw just how short this drama was (15 episodes only about 8 minutes long). How could they develop any plot in that amount of time? I was wrong, though, and found that the episode length made the drama fast-paced, to the point, and simple. As far as the storyline itself goes, there isn’t anything particularly gripping or innovative here. Best Mistake was, after all, based on a mobile game, but it was enjoyable enough to watch.

I really liked the characters. Yoon Jun Won was my favorite. He seems like a goody-two-shoes and is preppy at school, but outside of school, he is a cool kid with a dream to be a tattoo artist and the drive to make it become a reality. Tattoo artists aren’t usually mentioned much in K-dramas, so I love that it plays such a significant role here.


I thought this was a charming high school romance. Again, nothing particularly revolutionary, but it holds its own and is very easy to watch. I loved seeing how nervous Kim Yeon Do and Ji Hyun Ho were before their first date—they were so innocent and adorable. The situations they handled together were realistic and relatable. Both struggle with insecurities and not feeling good enough. Who doesn’t struggle with confidence and self-esteem in high school? Instead of running away when faced with feelings of inferiority, they confront them together.

Ji Hyun Ho really seeks to better himself because of his relationship with Kim Yeon Do. He has always been alone without many family members around him so, he will do anything to keep Kim Yeon Do in his life. This drive helps him turn his life and grades around and think about his future for the first time.

This couple pushes and pulls each other in the best way. One thing I didn’t get from this K-drama was the deeper emotion. There simply wasn’t the time or complexity for me to get emotionally attached. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Getting emotionally invested in a K-drama can bring a roller coaster of emotions that sometimes I’m not in the mood for. Best Mistake was cute and romantic but also didn’t wreck my emotional state.

Character Development

As far as character development goes, Ji Hyun Ho is the one that changes the most. His bad reputation is based mainly on the fact that he doesn’t care deeply about anything, but he’s not actually a bad kid. So it is interesting to watch him change and start to care about his future after he gets into a relationship with Kim Yeon Do.


This K-drama is super easy and enjoyable to binge-watch, and you could quickly finish it in a couple of hours if you wanted. It resolves with a happy ending that I think did justice to all of the characters. Nothing would prevent me from recommending Best Mistake to someone, but it only gets 3 stars because of how straightforward the plot is. If you are looking for a quick, easy high school K-drama, give this a shot.

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