What K-drama Should I Watch Next – Nov 2021

Ahhhhh the toughest question to answer—what K-drama to watch next? If you’re anything like us, finding the answer to this question can sometimes take hours or even days. We spend so much time looking for and feeling out our next drama choice that we could be halfway done with one if we just hurried up and picked already. The purpose of this series will hopefully be to help you answer that question a lot quicker because we’ve done all the work. The categories may not be the same every month as we will try to tailor the options we give you, but one will surely suit your fancy. Let us know in the comments if there is a type of genre you would like a recommendation for.

Action – Squid Game

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Squid Game on Netflix, and it was well worth the hype. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really give this one a watch. A Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones drama filled with action and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. There are plenty of twists and turns that took me by surprise, even from the second episode. It is unlike many other K-dramas in that it is much more violent and gory, so be forewarned if you’re squeamish. However, we loved that it was so different from so many other dramas that we watched. It made it fresh and exciting. If you’re in the mood for something action-packed, fast-paced, or just completely unique, this is a perfect K-drama to watch next.

Romance – Oh My Ghostess

In case you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to Halloween, we are keeping one recommendation in the spooky paranormal category. Oh My Ghostess, is a K-drama about a virgin ghost who thinks she needs to lose her virginity to pass from being a ghost into the afterlife. She asks a shy innocent girl to borrow her body while trying to find someone willing to do the deed. That couple of sentences probably implies the several funny yet awkward moments that this romantic K-drama has in store. As time goes on, however, she realizes other secrets surrounding her death are keeping her tied to this life. With ghosts, romance, and mystery, plenty is going on in Oh My Ghostess to keep you interested as you curl up with popcorn and a blanket on those chilly fall nights.

Watch Oh My Ghostess as your next K-drama

New Release – My Name

The drama I am most looking forward to is My Name, which began airing on Netflix on October 15th. After the success of Squid Game, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Netflix step up their K-drama game even more than they have in recent months. Yoon Ji-Woo is seeking revenge for her father’s death while working for a notorious group of drug dealers and criminals. Eventually, she changes sides and helps the police as a mole sharing information. I love a good spy or espionage kind of drama, so My Name has moved right to the top of my watch list.

Han So Hee in My Name, a new K-drama on Netflix

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