Master’s Sun Review

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Total: 3.5

Plot: 3

Romance: 4

Humor: 4


Tae Gong Shil has a problem. She is constantly haunted and hounded by ghosts. Some won’t go away until she has fulfilled their last wishes (regardless of how strange or embarrassing they may be), while others merely seem there to scare her. The ghosts prevent her from sleeping, holding down jobs, or having a normal social life. Until one day, she touches the President of Kingdom Group Joo Joong Won and realizes that the ghosts disappear when she is in physical contact with him. She immediately clings to the mall CEO, trying to find ways to be near him. Arrogant Joo Joong Won, however, instantly dislikes the disheveled Tae Gong Shil but learns she may be able to help him uncover a mystery of his own. The two embark on many adventures together as they try to get to the bottom of Joo Joong Won’s kidnapping as a child and the death of this first love. Along the way, they develop feelings for each other and realize that their lives are so much better with each other—and the ghosts.


Kang Woo – a former soldier who is now a security guard at the mall. He has a crush on Tae Gong Shil.

Tae Yi-Ryung – the model of Joo Joong Won’s shopping mall, she falls in love with Kang Woo.


Master’s Sun is a pretty fun drama! Ghost dramas are pretty common, so I thought it would be just like all the others, but this one felt original. The crazy things the ghosts made poor Gae Tong Shil do were sometimes funny and embarrassing and other times touching and heartwarming. It struck a great balance. I loved how while Tae Gong Shil never wanted to fully embrace the ghosts and their missions, but when she finally gave in, she went all the way and did it right. I found myself laughing pretty hard at some of the things they made her do, but she is so compassionate that she can understand them despite the trouble they give her.

Joo Joong Won’s backstory was also pretty good. However, I wasn’t as drawn in by this aspect of the plot as I was by the ghosts. I’m not really sure why, though, as there wasn’t anything wrong with it. It definitely had plenty of twists that I wasn’t expecting and no plot holes, so really, there wasn’t anything to fault it on, I just found myself tired of it. I think the ghost/paranormal dealings were so funny and interesting that I wanted more of that and less of the serious, non-ghosty aspects of Joo Joong Won’s background. This is the only reason why the plot got three stars. Separately, I thought I was going to be put off by the shooting of this drama as it looked old and the set of the mall looked a little cheap (hey, we’ve all got budgets right?), but I was quickly able to overlook this due to the quality of the plot.


I never tire of the classic enemies-to-lovers storyline, and this was a pretty a good one. They were complete opposites, so I didn’t think I would like them together even once they were in a relationship. In the beginning, Tae Gong Shil really clings to Joo Joong Won, which makes perfect sense because he provides her with her only moments of peace. Because of their different personalities, I thought it wouldn’t be believable when they started to have feelings for each other, but the changes each character undergoes really fits. Disheveled, poor, slightly crazy Tae Gong Shil completely changes into a put-together, beautiful person with a really good heart. Whereas uncaring, arrogant Joo Joong Won becomes someone who begins to seek out ghosts for comfort and has the desire to become a better person. They also work well together with a solid give-and-take of interest, support, and affection. By the end, they are not only great teammates in dealing with ghosts but a great couple.


I overall really enjoyed Master’s Sun. I wasn’t wowed by it and probably wouldn’t think to watch it again, but it was certainly fun to watch the first time around. If you’re looking for a light paranormal drama with a solid romance, I would definitely give this one a try. It is very easy to get into and you will find yourself more invested with every episode.

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